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Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie, MN
Edina, MN
Minnetonka, MN
Maple Grove
Maple Grove, MN
Minnetonka, MN
Prior Lake
Prior Lake, MN
Shakopee, MN
Plymouth, MN

Shakopee has new helmet for 2016.

Eden Prairie      

Edina Football Edina Football Edina Football Edina Football
1981-1985 1984-1990 1991-1994 1995-2001
Edina Hornets Footbal  
2002-2004 2005-2013 2014-Present  

It's been reported to me that one of these designs either (A) or (B) were worn during the 2002-2004 season.

Edina High School opened in 1949. From 1949 until 1971 they were known as the Edina-Morningide Hornets. A second high school, Edina West High School (Cougars), opened in 1973. The previously known Edina-Morningide High School was renamed Edina East High School (Hornets). However, due to declining enrollment Edina East was closed at the end of the 1980-1981 school year. Edina West became Edina High School. Edina West dropped the name Cougars and went back to Hornets as official nickname again for Edina High School. A special thanks to the Edina Historical Society for sharing photographs and providing yearbooks for missing years.


Hopkins Royals Football Hopkins Royals Football Hopkins Royals Football Hopkins Royals Football
1982 1983(A) 1984-1989 1990-1993
1994-1996 1997-1998 1999-2006 2007-Present

On the 1983 Hopkins helmet (A) the logo includes a crown. The photo I have from the 1983-1984 yearabook is hard to make out the detail of the logo. A better photo of the helmet or logo is needed.

Hopkins High School opened in 1896. They frist fielded their first football team in the early 1920s. They were first known as the Hopkins Warriors. In 1970 Hopkins added another high school in the district: Dwight D. Eisenhower Senior High School. The original high school was renamed Charles A. Lindbergh Senior High School named for the Minnesota native and famed aviator. In 1982, Hopkins closed Eisenhower High School and renamed the remaining school Hopkins Senior High School. A special thanks to the Hopkins Historical Society for sharing photographs and providing yearbooks for missing years.


Maple Grove      
?-2010 2011-2013 2014-Present  


1952-1955 1956-1957 1958-1959 1960-1964
1965-1970 1971-1978 1979-1980 1981-1982
1983-1985 1986 1987-1989 1990-1995
1996-2001 2002-2011 2012 2013-Present

A special thanks to Dave R. and the Minnteonka High School football program who pointed me to their football website. They have an extensive section on their website to the history and tradition of Minnetonka football. They asked the MHSHP to contribute helmets to their website which related to their section on the history of Minnetonka football. They also have a lot great photographs which I was able to use as reference for creating these helmets.


Prior Lake      
?-2005(?) 2006-Present 2011(1)  

In 2011 and 2012 Prior Lake's helmets(1) were blank for their frist few games.


1959 (a)
1973-1979 (b) 1980-? ?-2005 2006-2008
2009-2010 2011 2012-2014 2015
Shakopee Sabres Football      

Shakopee was known as the Indians until 1992. In 1993 they changed their name to the Sabres.

(a) In 1959 some helmets had no stripes and some helmets had white/red/white stripe.

(b) Some helmets between this time period only had helmet logos on the right side.

A special thanks to the Scott County Historical Museum for sharing photographs and providing yearbooks for missing years.


1921-? 1941-1943 1945-1946 1947-1954
1955-1959 1960-1968 1969-1972(A) 1969-1972(A)
1973-1977(A) 1973-1977(A) 1978-1981(B) 1978-1981(B)
1982-1989 1990-1992 1993-2008 2009-Present

(A) During these years a blue stripe was used on some of the helmets during the same season

(B) During these years different colored masks were used during the same season.

Wayzata has a history page on their football website showing a photographic timeline of their program. The historical helmets above came from the information on their site. The earliest record of them playing a varisty football team was 1921-1922. A special thanks to the Wayzata Historical Society for sharing photographs and providing yearbooks for missing years. Thanks also to Mike B. for additional information on Wayzata's historical helmets.