How You Can Help
In order to keep this site going and up to date, I need some help! If you have any information on any of the schools,whether it be a design I don't have or a historic helmet, I would greatly apprciate it.

One good way to find good reference pictures is looking through old yearbooks. Often times there are a few quality photos around homecoming time. Even if their black and white photos send them my way. So whip out your old yearbooks (or your parents) and page through them and see what you find.

If you can't email a picture and you are going to describe it,
here are some steps to take when describing your helmet.

Frst off the color of the helmet or shell:  YELLOW

Second the mask color:  GREEN


Third, the helmet stripes, IF they have them: GREEN/WHITE/GREEN

Finally the logo. If it is simliar to a college or pro helmet,
for example like this helmet design is the same as the college Purdue just let me know instead of trying to describe. If not just try to explain the best you can.