Frequently Asked Quesitons


Why are their two styles of helmets?

The helmet on the left is the older original design the was used here on the MHSHP website. I am planning on switching the older helmets to a helmet that is more detailed (the helmet on right). This will take a long process, but I think it will help bring more detail and accuracy to the helmets.


I sent you an email with information on my school's helmet. Why isn't my school's helmet posted yet?
I have had an overwhelming response to the MHSHP website. I am doing my best to keep up with all the information that is given to me. Please be patient while I catch up on adding new and historical helmets. If you have contacted me in regards to information on a schools helmet I will email you once I post your helmet. Please remember this is a hobby and I do my best to maintain the website.

What is a "Section and a "Class" ?
A section is a grouping of 6-8 schools usually grouped by geographic location. Often times the sections contain schools from different conferences. At the end of the regular season section playoffs begin. The section playoffs are single elimination with the winner of each section going to the State Tournement. Their are 8 sections for each class.

A class is like a division. They are determind by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL).
The divisions are as follows:
AAAAA , AAAA , AAA , AA , A , 9 Man

AAAAA is the highest of the classes. The MSHSL bases each school by its school's enrollment and totall studentenrollment in sports. So if a school has a large study body and lots of students playing sports its belongs to a high class, so the schools can stay competitive. 9 Man is the lowest of all classes. It is the complete opposite of AAAAA. They usually have a very small enrollment and not enough students to complete sports teams. That is why they call that class 9 Man, because they don't have enough students to complete a full a team.


What is with the helmets with the question mark?

When browsing through the helmets you might come 
across helmets with either a red or blue question mark 
on them. The helmet to the left with the red question 
mark means that I have no information of that school
and looking for any kind of information that could 
help me to draw that helmet (i.e. pictures, descriptions 
of the helmet, links to webpage that has pictures).
If you have any information to add see the
How you can help page



I have a picture of a Junior Varsity Helmet, can I submit it?

This site ONLY represents varsity high school football. No other level will be accepted. 


Why do the State Chapions only go back to 2001?

That is when I started this webpage. I will be adding more years later.


Can you create my High School Helmet, I live in another state?

I only design Minnesota state high school helmets, for this site only.


How can I contact you?

You can contact me via email at: